How About That?

One of our best and most iconic baseball broadcasters went by the name of Mel Allen.  His voice had a great combination of smooth delivery and brightness.  Something he was known for, when something notable would happen, was to interject “How about that” into his commentary.  Fact is, that is a colloquialism we have heard in the United States for decades.  It seems to denote something interesting, unusual, or wonderful.  When someone says “How about that” it is as if to say “You have to see this” or “This is really something”.

As with so many other americanized phrases, we drop syllables here and there to condense and simplify.  it is now common to hear “how ’bout that?” in many everyday conversations.  It has become a part of our language, and in turn a part of us.  It’s a way to let someone know that whatever is about to be talked about is interesting and informative.  That is the goal behind How Bout That Cigar.  Yes, we may have dropped an apostrophe to save space, but we hope to keep your attention as we take a journey together through the world of premium cigars.

We want to join with our readers to learn more about the world of premium cigars.  As we learn, we can also help others to understand and appreciate the dedication, care, and craftsmanship that go into each cigar that we enjoy.  Along the way, we will try to learn about the materials, the places, the methods, the market, and most of all, the people.

The world of premium cigars is all about relationships.  Whether it’s the farmer who cultivates the tobacco, the blender, the roller, the tobacconist, or the consumer, this is all about the hands and hearts that make it possible.  We look forward to taking the journey with you.  A phrase you will hear a lot from us, is… “Burn cigars, not bridges” 

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