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For many cigar smokers, a simple mention of the word “Broadleaf” evokes strong feelings.  Broadleaf, especially when treated with care and used as a wrapper leaf, is a tobacco that usually has a specific flavor profile.  A quality Broadleaf from Connecticut or Pennsylvania has a great mix of richness, sweetness, minerality, and dark/dried fruit notes that can make a blend truly special.  

In 2018, the Granada based Mombacho Cigars, announced the soon-to-come introduction of a revolutionary wrapper leaf.  A Broadleaf grown in Nicaragua.  To the Broadleaf purist, this idea seemed about as likely to succeed as Scotch Whiskey distilled and aged in Detroit, but Claudio Sgroi had a dream to do something truly unique.  Never before in the marketplace of premium cigars had a Broadleaf wrapper been grown in Nicaragua and used as a wrapper leaf on a regular release cigar.

Casa Favilli RobustoMombacho_Cas_Fav_Rob_Horiz
MSRP: $10.95
Size: 5 x 50 Robusto
Origin: Nicaragua (Casa Favilli)
Wrapper: Broadleaf (Nicaragua)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua 

The Casa Favilli cigar is the namesake of the factory in which it is made.  Casa Favilli is a beautiful destination in Granada, Nicaragua and home to the factory for Mombacho Cigars.  The facility is stunning and a must-see stop for anyone visiting Granada.  In addition to the Robusto size that we evaluate in this review, the Casa Favilli cigar is also available in a 6 x 52 Toro (MSRP $11.95) and a 5.5 x 52 Belicoso (MSRP $12.95).

This is not what we normally see from a Broadleaf wrapper.  Instead of the dark molasses color and crystalline appearance, this wrapper is like the color of walnut.  It has a deep brown character with some reddish tones, and is also nice and even.  I see no splotches or streaks in the color.  The aroma from the foot is almost like this cinnamon tea that my Mom used to keep in a box in the cupboard, mixed with a little cedar.  The cold draw is very open, with graccy and woody notes, and a hint of pepper.


Act I
So, I can already tell that there is a theme building that I will be coming back to throughout this review.  Pardon the cheesy phraseology, but this is not your father’s broadleaf.  The first few puffs come with a little black pepper and some wood aromas and a little sweetness.  Then after it starts to warm, rich textures of cream, cinnamon and coffee.  The smoke has plenty of volume and the retrohale has a little of that cinnamon and pepper.

Act II
The middle of the cigar sees a flavor that comes to the foreground of the profile and doesn’t let go.  An intense nutty flavor.  It is not easy to pinpoint exactly, but a mixture of roasted nuts is dominating the palate here.  It is, however, balanced pretty well by that underlying sweetness.  It still has some creaminess in the texture and the smoke output just won’t quit.  As I had hoped, the retrohale is starting to amp up on the pepper a bit.  

The overall flavor profile remains consistent in the final section of the Casa Favilli Robusto.  The roasted nuts are still there, along with the sweetness.  One very subtle component that does make a late appearance is a bright citrus note.  I rounds it out well and makes for a good ending.  That same hint of citrus also joins the retrohale, along with the sweet spice.  

One thing that was especially notable to me, the band.  Mombacho cigars have been know for stamping the date on the back of each band.  Since this was a pre-release the band did not have the stamp but the regular release cigars will.  All in all, this cigar is really good because it is unique and interesting.  But she doesn’t just have a good personality, she’s also pretty, and just the right amount of crazy.  It burned almost perfectly all the way, and the construction and draw were spot on.  It does not taste or smell like domestic broadleaf, and that’s ok.  The flavors are interesting and the aromas are really pleasing to the senses.  I would recommend this cigar, and will be purchasing more for myself.  

Casa Favilli Robusto – How Bout That Cigar
Rating: How Bout A Box?
Overall Score: 91
PAD: +0
Flavor Summary: Nutty, Coffee, Sweetness
Strength Assessment: Medium
Source: Cigars for this review were purchased by HBT Media LLC

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