HBTC News: Cohiba Connecticut New for 2019

Cohiba has been a name synonymous with luxury for decades. Now, Cohiba bring an offering to market that will be a welcome addition for lovers of Connecticut (CT) Shade Wrapper. This will be the first Cohiba cigar to have a CT Shade wrapper leaf.

“Our agronomists partnered with an independent grower in Ecuador’s Los Rios province to produce a silky and lustrous Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper. Unlike cloth-covered fields that shield the tobacco from the blistering sun in Connecticut, this special wrapper is grown beside Ecuador’s Vinces River and beneath the thick, natural cloud cover that blankets the region. The volcanic soil yielded a wrapper that was intentionally developed for its aesthetic qualities, with veins that are barely perceptible. Looks aside, the wrapper is ideal for blending, as it maximizes the filler and binder leaves.” said Sean Williams, Brand Ambassador for Cohiba Cigars

The filler leaves are made up of Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan Jalapa, and Dominican Olor. The binder is Mexican San Andreas. The Cohiba Connecticut is blended to be a mild-to-medium-bodied cigar with rich aroma and compelling notes of sweetness and spice.

Available Sizes/Pricing:
5.5 x 50 Robusto – $19.99/Cigar (20-Count Box)
5 x 50 Crystal Robusto – $20.99/Cigar (10-Count Box)
6.25 x 52 Toro – $21.99/Cigar (20-Count Box)
6 x 60 Gigante – $22.99/Cigar (20-Count Box)
They are made at General Cigar Dominicana and will be available starting in March, 2019.

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