HBTC News: Daniel Marshall Hosts Event at Renown Ski Race

Hahnenkamm-Rennen is perhaps the most spectacular downhill ski race that one could ever hope to witness. Held in Kitzbuhel, Austria, the race turns the town into a celebrity hotspot for race weekend. This year, a special party was hosted by Daniel Marshall Cigars & Padre Azul Tequila to celebrate. The “Kitzbuhel Campfire” last weekend brought in 150 guests from all over the world attracting media coverage from Germany and Austria’s largest media companies.

The 5th annual “Cigar & Tequila Cocktail” night was hosted by none other than Daniel Marshall and Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger, nephew of Arnold, and one of the co-owners of Padre Azul Tequila. The elite event took place at Kitzbuhel Country Club in the Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge and was one of the biggest highlights not only for lovers of fine cigars, but also connoisseurs of great Tequila. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, together with his partner Heather Milligan took the opportunity to enjoy a cigar and visit with race experts like Austrian Film Producer Otto Retzer and legendary skiers, Franz Klammer and Franz Weber.

DM Red Label Cigars were served, and Daniel Marshall offered a special gift of his famous 24 kt Golden Cigar. To accompany these special cigars, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger served perfectly matching Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila. Swarovski individually manufactured for this very exclusive tequila a unique skull made from precious crystal glass with an engraved number for every single bottle.

Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger recently joined Padre Azul as a partner. “By chance I heard of the tequila through my friend Rene Benko and was impressed straightaway. I instantly said I want to be involved,” said Schwarzenegger. Patrick is known in the States not only because of his famous uncle, but also as as a successful attorney for celebrities such as his famous uncle, Nicolas Cage, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, and many more.

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