HBTC Review-Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano

Of all the cigars in the humidor at your local shop, in most cases you can get great value from a mixed filler stick. Sometimes called a Cuban Sandwich, they are cigars with standard wrapper and binder, but the filler leaves are a mixture of cutoffs from longer leaves used on other blends. The tobacco is the same as the long filler blends, with the same flavor and aromas. The Jas Sum Kral (JSK) Toothpicks are an example of this style of cigar. Available in a Habano or Maduro (San Andres) wrapper, they were released to the marketplace in 2018.

JSK Toothpick 2.0 Habano
MSRP: $6.00
Size: 5 x 50
Origin: Tabacalera Aragon S.A. (Esteli, Nicaragua)
Wrapper: Habano (Ecuador)
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua

In addition to the Habano, the JSK Toothpick 2.0 is also available with a San Andres Maduro wrapper. Both varieties available in 50-count cabinets.

The Toothpick has a nice look. It is cleanly rolled with an even color and a nice sheen of oil. It has a very gentle tooth on the surface and feels a little bit light for the size. The wrapper has a faint cedar aroma, and the foot smells sweet and a little peppery. The cold draw is open, with notes of hay and cedar.

Act I
The Toothpick starts out bold, with thick smoke that carries some nice flavors of roasted nuts, pepper, and leather. The aroma also has a nice spice, but also a note of cedar. I was expecting more pepper on the retrohale, but it was smoother than expected with some light spice and a little leather.

Act II
The center of the cigar stays pretty consistent. I still have plenty of smoke output, with the prominent flavor moving towards leather and a little citrus. The finish does have a nice sweetness and natural tobacco aroma. I am glad that the retrohale has leveled up a little with some more pepper.

The ending of the cigar has a lot going on. The thick smoke has sees some new notes of cinnamon and baking spice, and some toasted wood. That goes along with the woody aromas and citrus finish. The pepper on the retrohale is definitely in the foreground, but not too strong.

Even with the price left out of the equation, this is a really good cigar. When you take the price into account, it is one of the best values I have found. The Toothpick 2.0 Habano has a good range of flavor, consistent performance, and an easily accessible price point.

JSK Toothpick 2.0 Habano – How Bout That Cigar?
Rating: How Bout A Box?
Overall Score: 91
PAD: +3.0 (What is PAD?)
Flavor Summary: Leather, Cedar, Citrus, Spice
Strength Assessment: Medium
Source: Cigars for this review were purchased by HBT Media LLC

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