HBTC News: New Psyko Seven Nicaragua to Launch at TAA 2019

At TAA 2019, held March 17-21 in Dominican Republic, Ventura Cigar Company will introduce a new member of the Psyko SEVEN lineup. The Psyko SEVEN Nicaragua. This cigar was conceived and blended by Indiana Ortez, a rising star in the Ventura family, and daughter of tobacco icon Omar Ortez. Indiana led this project, testing many blends getting exactly the essence she was looking for. The result is the bold and complex PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua.

“Whenever you want to create a new blend, you need to depend on your intuition,” says Indiana Ortez. “It’s like a recipe- you can’t force making something that’s truly great. If you enjoy the process as you go through it, your intuition will guide you.”

“Indiana has such vision. She has a genuine, organic understanding for the nuances of tobacco, and knows how to bring it to life so the smoke can be enjoyed to the fullest. She’s a real talent, and we’re so pleased to be working with her and getting her passion and story blended into our PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua cigar.” said Michael Giannini, General Manager at Ventura Cigar Company.

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua is hand-rolled in the Ortez factory, Condega Nicaragua, and is wrapped in a 2007 vintage Desflorada leaf as tribute to the stories of the people working in the tobacco industry before her.

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua, available sizes and prices:
Robusto (5 x 50) MSRP $8.49
Toro (6 x 50) MSRP $8.99
Gordo (6 x 60) MSRP $9.49
Each will be presented in 20-count boxes

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