HBTC Accessory Review: Xikar VX2 Cutter

When we look at the common tasks that surround enjoyment of a cigar, one that can make or break the experience is the cut. Even a properly bunched cigar can have draw issues if the cut is not right. As with most other things, the variety of type, brand, and style of cigar cutter on the market today is almost endless. This article will give an overview of the Xikar VX2, a V-Cutter that was introduced by Xikar in 2017.

One feature that Xikar put in this cutter was the angle of the blade edges. It seems backwards because instead of the point of the V-shaped blade making first contact, it is the far edge on each side. This is meant to be a softer initial touch to the cap, thus reducing the risk of tearing or cracking the leaf.

I used this cutter on a regular basis for about 60 days. In that time I probably used it to cut somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 cigars. All in all, the function was very good. It is a heavy cutter, with very strong springs and a solid action when used. The deployment buttons on each side are also very stout and require a good amount of squeeze power to open the cutter. This is something you will appreciate if you ever had a cutter inadvertently open in your front pants pocket.

Even though I don’t recommend a V-Cutter for a sharply tapered head (figurado, belicoso, torpedo) I did use the VX2 on some cigars with that shape, and it did just fine. The only issue I really had was the fact that the blade seemed to push the head of the cigar away, but mostly on cigars larger than a 54 ring gauge. That caused the larger cigars to wander and made the cut slightly off-center, and also reduced what could have always been a deeper cut. It was certainly not a sharpness issue. The blade edges are incredibly sharp, and showed no signs of losing their edge. I could even do a second cut without tearing the cap, which is not easy for most cutters

In the end, I still prefer a straight cut to a V cut. Even after using a few different V-Cutters in the last few years, the straight cut still suits me better. But as V-Cutters go, the Xikar VX2 is a great choice. It is built like a battleship, has ultra sharp blades, and carries the incredible Xikar Lifetime Warranty. If you are in the market for a new V-Cutter, I recommend reaching for this one.

Xikar VX2 – How Bout That Cigar Cutter?
Rating: Highly Recommended
Overall Score: 92
MSRP: $49.99
Source: The cutter for this review was purchased by HBT Media LLC

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