HBTC News: PCA Un-Furloughs Some of the Furloughed

In the ongoing saga of the uncertainty surrounding the Premium Cigar Association (PCA), the announcement was made today that two of the staff members will not be furloughed as originally announced on July 1st. The PCA sent a press release today with the details.

Here is the explanation from the press release received today: “As we have reviewed and identified the critical priorities for the organization and the industry, and the amount of work involved, we know it is critical that we keep our legislative fight going. Not only are we seeing increased taxes, smoking bans, and characterizing flavor bans, but we have significant momentum in our fight for federal regulatory relief. In addition, we need to ensure continuity in our headquarters and to keep the planning and production of the 2021 trade show on schedule as well as handle day-to-day operations for member inquiries and communications. Therefore, the PCA Board has decided to bring Executive Director Scott Pearce and Head of Government Affairs Joshua Habursky back off furlough to manage and oversee the work in the specific priority areas. All federal and state advocacy questions should be directed to Joshua Habursky and all other inquiries should go to Scott Pearce.”

HBTC will continue to monitor this situation and publish updates as they come available.

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