HBTC News: Nat Sherman to be Shut Down by Altria

One of the most well known brands in the Premium Cigar business will cease operations entirely in September of 2020. Nat Sherman International, a brand of premium cigars that has been well known for over 90 years, and the iconic Nat Sherman Townhouse in Manhattan will permanently cease operations. The Nat Sherman brand was purchased by Altria in 2017. Altria is one of the largest manufacturers of cigarettes and machine made cigarillos in the world. In 2019, Altria announced that they were seeking a buyer for the Nat Sherman line of premium cigars, and the Townhouse retail location.

Michael Herklots, who we interviewed on Episode 59 of How Bout That Cigar LIVE, served as Vice President of Nat Sherman International for almost 10 years. In a press release he said “I will be forever grateful to all our employees, current and former, as well as our manufacturing partners, who left it all on the field day in and day out to grow this business throughout our 90-year history. I am equally grateful to the incredible retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers who have invested in our products and enjoyed them. Hopefully, our premium cigars will live on in the humidors of our greatest fans and appreciated with fond memories for many years to come.”

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