HBTC Review: My Father Fonseca Cosacos

In late 2019, My Father Cigars finalized the acquisition of the rights to the Fonseca brand for the United States. The brand name itself was founded in 1892 in Havana, Cuba. Many fans of premium cigars were excited to see the Fonseca brand become a part of the My Father lineup, and in the brilliant hands of the Garcia family. Jose Pepin Garcia famously started rolling cigars in Cuba at the age of 11, and later opened the My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaragua in 2009. My Father cigars have made the new Fonseca available in multiple vitolas, and here is Matt’s review of the Cosacos.

In addition to the Cosacos reviewed here, the My Father Fonseca is also available in a 5.25 x 52 Robusto, a 4.25 x 40 Petit Corona, a 5.5 x 54 Belicosos, a 6 x 55 Toro Gordo, and a 6.25 x 52 Cedros.

My Father Fonseca Cosacos
MSRP: $7.75
Size: 5.375 x 42
Origin: My Father Cigars S.A. (Esteli, Nicaragua)
Wrapper: Corojo 99 Rosado Shade Grown (Nicaragua)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Of all the vitolas, the Cosacos is the only one wrapped in white tissue paper from band to foot. After removing the paper, the wrapper is fully revealed and is a beautiful reddish-brown color. The cigar is very neatly rolled with a beautiful cap and a nice oil sheen on the surface of the wrapper. The aroma at the foot is like mild baking spices and a little black pepper. The wrapper is a slightly sweet aroma that reminds me of hay. The cold draw is a nice mix of all those things, with sweet notes, and some of that mild spice.

Act I
When the fire hits and the first few puffs are taken, I immediately notice the smoothness and refined nature of the smoke. Even with some pepper on the back of the palate, I get smooth notes of roasted nuts, and some sweet notes that remind me of baking spices. I also get occasional puffs with a nice creamy note and texture. The smoke has a nice feel and viscosity. The retrohale is not shy, but also not overwhelming.

Act II
The cigar warms nicely into the middle section with a few additions. Some mild leathery aromas mixed with toasted bread. The mild mix of pepper and baking spices is still there, but more in the background. I also get a few hints here and there of an earthy note. It’s not really a heavy earth, but more of a mineral dryness like unsweetened cocoa powder, but that is contrasted well by the creamy texture and sweetness. The retrohale is really nice, with sweet aromas and a black pepper back bite.

The last section of the cigar really comes together nicely. All of the flavors and aromas join into a mix of spice, sweetness, creaminess, and even an interesting sour fruit component. There is also a surprising hint of smokiness, like charred wood. The last few puffs are characterized mostly by the mild baking spice, toasted bread, and that dry cocoa. The black pepper is a bit more frontal, but still very controlled. The retrohale is stronger, but balanced.

I’ve made no secret over the years that I am a fan of quite a few cigars coming from the My Father factory. That being said, I have also made it clear that the My Father brand releases over the last few years have fallen a little short in my opinion. This new Fonseca from My Father is the best new release from the My Father brand in years. It is refined, smooth, nuanced, and complex. I have smoked nearly a box of these cigars so far and they have all performed consistently. The burn is great, the draw and smoke output is very nice, and the flavor profiles are delivered on each and every puff. I recommend this cigar to anyone, and I look forward to trying the other vitolas in the line.

My Father Fonseca Cosacos – How Bout That Cigar?
Rating: How Bout A Box?
Overall Score: 92
PAD: +1.0 (What is PAD?)
Flavor Summary: Toasted Bread, Baking Spice, Creaminess, Black Pepper, Dry Cocoa
Strength Assessment: Medium
Source: Cigars for this review were purchased by HBT Media LLC

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