HBTC News: Ferio Tego Reintroduces Timeless Collection

After announcing the inaugural release of the Ferio Tego namesake cigars, the team at Ferio Tego just announced that the Timeless Collection brand will be returning to premium tobacconists with the Timeless Prestige and Timeless Sterling. Both of these blends are made by hand in the Dominican Republic by Quesada Cigars.

Initially released in 2012, Timeless Prestige is a six tobacco, three country blend with a Honduran wrapper, binder from Dominican Republic, and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler leaves. The cigars are presented in 20-count boxes and will first be released in a 6 x 60 Gordo at $12.00 MSRP, a 6.25 x 52 No. 2 Torpedo at $11.50 MSRP, a 7 x 48 Churchill at $11.00 MSRP), a 5.5 x 54 Hermoso at $10.50 MSRP, and a 4.75 x 50 Robusto at $9.50 MSRP.

Timeless Sterling was first released in 2013. It combines filler leaves from Dominican Republic, along with a Dominican binder, finished with a Ecuador-grown Connecticut wrapper. Presented in 10-count boxes, the initial offering of Sterling will be a 7 x 48 Churchill at $14.50 MSRP, a 5.75 x 46 Corona Gorda at $13.50 MSRP, a 4.75 x 50 Robusto at $13.00 MSRP, a 6.5 x 43 Dalias at $12.75 MSRP, and a 5.5 x 52 Marevas at $11.50 MSRP.

“Our commitment and the commitment of our manufacturing partners is to continue to deliver premium cigars of the highest quality and equally important consistency. The Timeless Collection blends are the same, and what matters more, the experience of the blends are exactly as they were, and the manufacturers who have been carefully crafting these blends since their inception remain unchanged.” said Michael Herklots, co-owner of Ferio Tego, LLC. “

“We have been working very thoughtfully and diligently, together with our manufacturing partners as well as our distribution partner, Davidoff USA, to make sure we’re doing everything the right way,” shared Herklots. “Ferio Tego is steadfast in our long-term vision. Our portfolio is thoughtful, incredibly diverse, and consistent. We intend to create and maintain experiences that cigar enthusiasts can depend on year after year.”

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