About Us

Matt Tye
Matt is the Chief Editor and Founder of HBTC, and he is based in Minnesota with his beautiful wife and three wonderful kids.  Matt has been enjoying fine cigars since the mid 1990s. He is active in the online cigar community (you may know him as “A Huge Nerd”) and is also experienced in the retail side of the cigar industry. Matt spent a few years as a writer, reviewer, and Chief Marketing Officer at another well-known cigar media outlet. His education is in Music, and his professional background includes Sales Management, Ministry, Information Technology, and Telecommunications Systems.  Matt@HowBoutThatCigar.com (Photo used courtesy of Jay Downs Photography. Look for him on Instagram and Facebook)

Garret Robinson
Garret is the Cohost of HBTC Live, and lives in Woodbury, MN with his wife and four children. During the day, Garret works as an IT engineer and at night he is a cook, taxi driver and husband. At the end of the day, after the spawns are not dependent on him, Garret retires to the garage where he and his wife stream shows and enjoy cigars.  Garret@HowBoutThatCigar.com (Photo used courtesy of Jay Downs Photography. Look for him on Instagram and Facebook)

Justin Lawler
Justin is the newest team member here at HBTC. He is a Co-Editor, and also the Producer of HBTC Live. He resides in Ham Lake, MN with his loving fiancé. Justin is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the HBTC live show running smoothly every week. Justin enjoys great cigars as a way to relax after work each day and on the weekends while socializing with family and friends. He has a background in the Telecommunications Construction and Engineering industry, along with Music, Promotions, and Sales. Justin@HowBoutThatCigar.com

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