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All content on How Bout That Cigar, all sub-pages, all associated social media profiles, podcasts, video channels, and any and all other media produced and/or posted is the sole property of HBT Media LLC.  None of the aforementioned content may be republished in any form without written consent from HBT Media LLC.  Any statements or opinions within each individual page, article, press release, or other type of post are the opinion of the individual author and not necessarily of HBT Media LLC or How Bout That Cigar.  Any comments, opinions, viewpoints, or statements presented or uttered by guests on the HBTC Podcast, HBTC live video streams, and all other media from HBT Media LLC are solely those of the individual and do not necessarily represent the opinions or viewpoints of How Bout That Cigar, or its parent company HBT Media LLC, any of our advertising partners, or the premium cigar industry as a whole.  How Bout That Cigar, its parent company HBT Media LLC, and our advertising partners are not responsible for the content of statements made by any guest of or contributor to the HBTC Podcast, HBTC live video streams, and all other media made made public by HBT Media LLC.  The primary purpose of How Bout That Cigar is to entertain, and to encourage activity and growth within the community of people who enjoy, or want to learn about the enjoyment of premium cigars.

The content published on How Bout That Cigar is original.  In some cases, photos or other media from outside sources (vendors, advertisers, etc) will be published on our platforms.  This will only be done with express consent from the original content owner(s).

We have a number of unique content types published on How Bout That Cigar.  Each type of content is meant to meet a specific need of the consumer.  Some types are objective and informative, while other content will be presented to be subjective and entertaining.  Here is a dynamic list of the types of content published on our platforms:

  • HBTC Review: These reviews will be an individual from our team evaluating an individual premium cigar in an individual size. A minimum of two of the subject cigar will be smoked for these individual reviews. Tastes and opinions are subjective, and premium cigars are made by hand from natural materials so we may revisit some reviews to check on aging progress or for other reasons (see Double Take Review below).
  • HBTC Flashback Review: These reviews will be for cigars that have been on the market for more than 10 years, and have possibly fallen out of favor with the cigar nerd community.  They may not be “boutique” smokes, but are still mainstays in most successful cigar shops around the country.
  • HBTC Accessory Review: These reviews will be an individual from our team reviewing an individual accessory product.  Accessories include, but are not limited to: Lighters, cutters, ashtrays, humidors, cigar holders, cigar cases, and draw tools.
  • HBTC News: This content will be dedicated to newly released, or re-released products to the marketplace.  News could include new cigar announcements, new accessory announcements, or updates on previous announcements of the same type.  Also included will be announcements and press releases from companies about corporate and/or personnel changes.
  • HBTC Swap Review: This content will be a 2-person cigar review in which each person chooses an individual cigar, removes the band, and gives that cigar to their counterpart so neither person knows what cigar they are smoking for the review.  When the smoking time has concluded, each person will reveal to their counterpart the brand and blend of cigar that was just smoked in the review.
  • HBTC Multiple Personality Review: This content will be two or more HBTC (or guest) people evaluating an individual premium cigar in an individual size.  The assessment and flavor notes will be written in secret and only shared by each reviewer at the end on the smoking time.
  • HBTC Double-Take Review: This content will be a repeated review of a cigar that was already published once on HBTC.  It will be done in order to check on aging progress or for other reasons. (can also be done a third, time or more as Triple Take Review, and so on).
  • HBTC LIVE!: This content is a weekly live web show on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.  The audio from each episode is also produced as an audio podcast published and presented as the How Bout That Cigar Podcast.  It is available to consumers via major-market podcast listening platforms, and posted to the How Bout That Cigar website and shared on this website and our social media profiles.
  • Cigar Culture: This content will be based around the experience and opinion of the writer.  The content will be meant as instructional, entertaining, and engaging to the consumer.  The content is meant to help the consumer learn more about and appreciate the people, processes, and traditions surrounding the world of premium cigars.  This content can also contain information and opinion meant to help us all be better members of the cigar community.
  • Cigar Destinations: This content is meant to give the consumer an overview of what we call “Destination Brick and Mortar Shops”. The content will focus on the cigar shops in major cities around the world that are must-visit destinations for cigar smokers who are travelling to these cities.  They could be shops that have a great history, or unforgettable and charismatic owners, or outstanding selections without match in that area.

If you would like to advertise on HBTC (Which can include a clickable ad on our website and a commercial on our broadcast), please send an email to Matt@HowBoutThatCigar.com and a copy of the Media Kit will be sent to you.

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